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By guest, Oct 20 2015 05:34PM

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Mar 31 2016 01:44AM by calvin bell

I have been working for J.C.Merrimans a little over a year now, I worked for another fuel company almost 15 years and I'm very happy with my decision to leave there and join the team at Merrimans. Its nice going into work and knowing I have a truck that is well maintained and safe for me to drive and deliver propane in.They keep there prices competitive and I receive a lot of positive comments from customers about the company, which is something I'm not used to hearing when it comes to fuel companies. I would like to thank Charley and Brock for giving me the opportunity to be employed there and hope I'm there for many years to come.

Oct 28 2016 02:16AM by daniel whitten

great company to buy from . my first purchase was 7 years ago for metal roofing and they had best price. yesterday i bought insulation ,best price. from my first purchase to my last and all in between the staff is always helpfull and friendly. not like big chain stores with people that duck around the corner when they see you coming. thank you for your profesional service.

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