Fuel Oil / Kerosene

24/7 On-call service

Kerosene pump also available on-site at J.C. Merriman's!

Free delivery

100 gallon minimum drop off

Efficient Fuel Delivery

If you’re looking for an efficient fuel delivery supplier, then look no further than Merriman’s Inc. We offer you professional service at reasonable rates on all of your fuel deliveries. We have budget plans available.

We also offer propane delivery services.

Delivery Types

• Automatic – Works well for heat. Can be thrown off with additional sources (ie: wood, pellet stoves, using less/more heat than usual).

• Julian – For water heaters, dryers, cooking etc. Set number of days.

• Will Call (W/C) – Call for delivery when below half tank.

Hire Us for Your Fuel Delivery Needs

• Home heating oil
• Automatic delivery
• Scheduled delivery
• Burner service
• Budget plans

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